Bless The Weather

For all the complaints that some may have about the effects of the weather, and the genuine trouble it may cause a few, perhaps we should see the heavy overnight snowfall as a blessing.


Here in Crystal Palace in South London it has produced an impromptu holiday. At the peak of rush hour when cars would normally be nose to tail outside my window the road was virtually deserted.


And instead of using an enforced day off work to go to the supermarket or sink into a stupor on front of the television hundreds of people are flocking to Crystal Palace Park to enjoy the snow.


In a timeless scene, that would perhaps be more familiar to Brueghel than those of us living with climate change, children are tramping through the powder pulling sledges behinds them or pelting one another with snowballs.


As we head into turbulent economic times, where some may have a little too much leisure and not enough money, perhaps it is a reminder that the problem is not simply that there’s too little work but that work, in a recession, is unequally distributed. We could all do with a little more time to play, with our friends and family, and a little less time at the grindstone.


Why our society doesn’t manage the ebb and flow of the economic cycle by trying to ensure that we all have a share of the extra leisure and shoulder a small portion of the financial pain, rather than some having to work harder to support others who are unable to work at all, escapes me.


Perhaps we should all head out, build a snowman, and remind ourselves that life is as transient as our carrot nosed friend and think about reordering our priorities. We would have a happier, healthier society for doing so


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