Not Just Venal but Stupid Too

Surely the toughest thing to handle for anyone in power is staying in touch with reality as experienced by the people they answer too.

Hosni Mubarak has plainly been in power for so long that he simply doesn’t get reality any more.  80 million Egyptians are hanging on his very words at this moment.  They were waiting for him to say goodbye.  Instead he’s telling the world that he simply doesn’t get it.  He seems to believe he can tough this one out.

Tomorrow is Friday.  When Egyptians come out of the mosques tomorrow they will swarm over the streets in their millions.  Either the regime will be swept aside or there will be blood.  I pray there won’t be blood.  I pray we’ll be welcoming our Arab brothers and sisters to the democratic world.  Disagree we surely shall from time to time, but we’ll disagree as free peoples.


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