Sheer bloody hypocrisy

David Mellor, a former Tory Foreign Office minister with responsibility for the Middle East, this morning went on the Today Programme to act as a dribbling apologist for a regime that has just ordered in the army to a peaceful protest.  Those soldiers opened fire with live rounds and reportedly killed four protesters.

Mellor tells us that; “The British government should be understanding of the problems of Bahrain…Bahrain is a stalwart friend of Britain.”   He describes it as a “quasi democracy.”  Would David Mellor be happy to face ‘a quasi fair trial’ or be labelled ‘a quasi decent human being?’  Not content with that he blustered that; “The worst thing that could now happen is that President Obama…now reacts in the way he reacted to Mubarak.”  Does he really mean that the worst thing the President of a country, which for 200 years has at least purported to champion liberty and democracy and came pretty close to embracing that heritage over Egypt lately, could do is to stick up for what he believes in?

Oh No.  “There are key strategic interests here,” says Mellor.  Great.  Yet again a British politician has failed to distinguish between the tactical and the strategic.  In the short term the West can prop up all manner of nasty regimes but its long term interests are surely better served by being a principled friend of human rights and political liberty.  Not only should democrats practice what they preach, they should bear in mind that national memories and national enmities have a life of their own.  What we do today we are blessed or blamed for, for centuries.


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