The beat of a butterfly’s wings

If we ever needed confirmation of what we’ve been arguing for an age; that cheap fuel promotes out of town shopping ( and that in turn wrecks both the countryside and small businesses) here it is:

Big business has used the cheap fuel economy and its ability to buy or bully its way to permission to build out of town, to stage what amounts to a coup against city centres and smaller businesses.

Break one part of that virtueless circle and you may well break it all.  By extension if we were to price into fuel its true cost to us all – the cost of the damage that emissions do to our planet and our immediate environment – then we’d see the re-emergence of local and more sustainable businesses and supply chains.

Instead, for the last century, we’ve allowed fuel to be subsidised from our commonwealth and shared capital – the planet.  The result has been akin to the enclosures of the 18th century – the rich and powerful have taken what belongs to the whole to their own benefit.

Some things naturally and necessarily belong to us all.  The fact that we’ve allowed ourselves to be hoodwinked into believing that everything should have a single owner is a shared madness of which the Scientologists would be proud.


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