Eady does it

Liberal Democrat MP John Hemming appeared on BBC Radio 4’s PM programme this evening to explain why he had named Ryan Giggs in the House of Commons as the footballer seeking to sue tweeters for outing him as a celebrity who had resorted to a super injunction to conceal an affair.
Hemming’s most disturbing allegation was that those prosecuted for contempt of court in connection with this dismal charade could have been tried and convicted in closed court with the wider world none the wiser.
If that were true it would substantially undermine many of the rights guarranteed Englishmen since Magna Carta in 1215. Not least the principle that citizens should not be subject to arbitrary detention by the state. A single judge, sitting in camera, ordering the detention of a citizen who has dared challenge his rulings in public does not come within a definition of justice that any citizen of these islands should accept. Justice should happen in broad daylight and not the shadows.
David Eady has taken it upon himself (and super injunctions are very substantially an innovation that have come to pass by his leave) to, in effect, make law. I don’t always trust 650 men and women sitting in the House of Commons to do that. However the Commons does have a mandate. Mr. Justice Eady does not. Surely in the 21st Cenury we have reached a stage in our democracy where a group broadly representative of society makes law through a process of debate, scrutiny and voting, rather than a public school, Oxbridge educated man making up his mind, alone, in the privacy of his chambers.
We rid ourselves of the absolute power of any one man to rule over us when we cut short Charles I. We should never again allow such authority to rest in the hands of any one individual. David Eady should be considering his position. Given his personal responsibility in this matter I cannot see him being allowed to continue in this course much longer.


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