Game Over

The supper injunctions are unravelling.  Thirty thousand Twitter users have now accused Ryan Giggs of being the footballer who has tried to gag the media over an alleged affair.  The Sunday Herald in Scotland has published his picture on their front page, with the fig leaf of a ‘censored’ strip across his eyes.  And Wikipedia seems to have taken a stand.

Of course for we mere mortals all this is mere guesswork.  Whether we’re subject to a super injunction, the details of which we are unaware, is unclear.  There’s talk of taking action against whole treefuls of Tweeters while the Herald is apparently outside the jurisdiction of the English courts as no interdiction was applied for in Scotland.

The English justice system is being held up to ridicule around the nation, and much of the world, to save the blushes of a man who kicks an inflated bladder around a field.  So who is in contempt of whom? It’s becoming increasingly apparent that the courts are now widely held in contempt by many millions of the people for whom they are supposed to provide justice.


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