It Woz The Bun Wot Spun It

You have to hand it to The Sun.

When news of the Norwegian killings broke it rushed to judgement.  With the facts still hazy, but pointing away from this being an attack by fascists wearing the borrowed cloak of Islam, is still dubbed this Norway’s 9/11.

Even in the later editions, when the arrested suspect had been clearly identified as an ethnic Norwegian, The Sun still tried to float the fear that he was a tall, blond, clean-cut, Aryan convert to Islam.

There were plenty of reasons from the start to withhold judgement.  For a start this was not a suicide attack.  The bombing and the island massacre were consecutive and not concurrent events (simultaneous attacks on multiple targets have been an al Qaeda hallmark).

The New York, Madrid and London attacks all randomly targeted civilians.  Transport targets have featured prominently whereas political targets have not.  And while extremists associating themselves with Islam have killed young people (as with Beslan in Sept 2004) it hasn’t been a theme of their violence.

On the other hand Scandinavia has a well entrenched far right which blames the left for allowing high levels of immigration (particularly in Sweden and Denmark).  The political nature of the targets should have at least provoked doubts, but not in the wise heads at The Sun, and a more nuanced front page.  Oh no.

You would have thought that this week, of all weeks, The Sun would have shown a little maturity if only to put a little distance between itself and its deceased fellow parrot, the News of the World.  As if.  Nope, the bigotry is too entrenched.  Instead it churned out more of the fear-mongering crap of the sort that seems to have fuelled Anders Behring Breivik’s views.

Rather that ask why our own police have put so much effort into trying to infiltrate groups that seek to shut down power stations for a few days, or run Operation Pegasus to spy on the ‘far left’ when in recent times most terrorism has stemmed from two sources; extremists with pseudo-religious motivations and neo-Nazis, it gives us more of the same.

I’m starting to think that we should limit police recruitment to graduates.

As for The Sun I have no constructive suggestions.  Its appeal stems from its unthinkingness.  To improve it would be to kill it.  Just don’t buy the damned thing.


3 Responses to “It Woz The Bun Wot Spun It”

  1. Wibble Wibble Says:

    yeah, mental. What can you do other than not buy it?

    Bit like this fruitloop who thinks it was all the work of Israel

    where do these people get their ideas?

    • headstrongclub Says:

      I have to say that passions are so high on both sides of the Israel/Palestine debate that some (again on both sides) shelve their common sense and objectivity.
      The imediate question isn’t purely whether the Oslo killer acted alone, but whether his actions reflected the ideas and intent of the wider network (even informal online networks) in which he participated and whether those ideas are gaining traction.
      My fear is that as we see power drift towards south and east asia there will be a whole slew of disorientated right wing types whose self esteem is founded on the notion of racial and cultural superiority. How they react is anyone’s guess but this may not be the last violence of this sort we see.

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