The News of The World’s Tenth Circle of Hell

Have we hit bottom yet?

Reports that the News of the World’s editor Rebekah Brooks gave Sara, the mother of murdered schoolgirl Sarah Payne, a phone as a gift and that her paper then proceeded to hack it take the affair to a new moral low.

It’s almost impossible to know how to respond.  However we shouldn’t lose sight of the fact this is about the abuse of power.  This entire affair is about power and the fact that too little of it now rests us and with our elected representatives and too much with the unaccountable and the amoral.

It is beyond irony that the News of the World set itself up as the Payne family’s champion, campaigned for ‘Sarah’s Law’ and played the role of moral arbiter, sitting in judgement on British public life.  It is beyond simple hypocrisy.  It has entered the realms of calculated wickedness, not just the wickedness of individual acts but the complete corrupting evil of the truly depraved.  Rebekah Brooks’s colleagues and possibly the editor herself pretended to befriend a murdered girl’s mother just so they could prey on her.

There may come a point in this grotesque saga when David Cameron will have to ask himself whether honour and decency demand that he steps aside because he was so foolish as to befriend Brooks and hire her deputy.  That point may have already come.


4 Responses to “The News of The World’s Tenth Circle of Hell”

  1. wibble wibble Says:

    You still seem to be ignoring the fact that Trinity Mirror Group were more involved in phone hacking,

    Is the issue one of the abuse of power resulting in people’s phones being hacked etc or the fact that Murdoch was doing it? If it’s the former you need to widen your sights, if it’s the latter then carry on. As for politicians stepping aside, there’d be almost no one left if association with editors (Piers Morgan?) with a dodgy past were a cause for resignation (fabricating photos of torture by British troops for starters)

    • headstrongclub Says:

      That’s an unsubstantiated statement. As and when evidence emerges about hacking by Trinity Mirror I’d expect the same action to be taken as should be taken against News Corp.
      However News Corp. is qualititively different in so far as its market share is far greater than TMs as is its influence – note the fact that the number of meetings between News Corp. execs and the Cameron government far outstripped those with execs from any other media organisation.
      It’s Murdoch’s influence verging on power that we should be disturbed by and its being coupled with illegal practices. Moreover with the BSkyB bid still hanging in the ether it should serve as a warning not to allow any one media group to gather too much power.
      As for Piers Morgan, Louise Mensch has already had to apologise. Perhaps we should reserve judgement until evidence emerges, however unctious the man may be.

  2. wibble wibble Says:

    Surely you are aware of the evidence already published regarding Trinity Mirror Group and a host of others?:

    The table on page nine has been widely in the blogosphere. NOTW comes in fifth..

    • headstrongclub Says:

      Yes, I’ve seen that document. It refers to the wider trade in personal information and not just phone hacking. It’s quite interesting in that The Observer comes quite high in terms of how many instances there were but the number of journalists concerned is small. It may be The Observers investigative team and the justification may be ‘public interest’. Then again it may not. Clearly there’s a lot for the investigators to get stuck into, not least the Daily Mail, but at this point in time it’s News Corp. and in particular its (quite possibly corrupt) relationship with both the police and with senior politicians.

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