Dark Dark Days as London’s Lit Up

I write in anger.  I write in the wee hours as London burns.

Thesed riots aren’t political with a big P, though politics are involved.  It’s not a protest of a sort that many protesters I know would understand.

The pictures have shown people jumping out of burning buildings torched by youths who went on to loot sportswear and electrical shops.  Regular Londoners have spoken of living in fear.  Muggings have been rife, reporters attacked, people driven from their homes. This isn’t simply about inequality.  This is about a culture that has no respect, not just for authority, but for the innocent, for fellow citizens.

Back in 1981 the riots were about communities under siege confronting their perceived tormentors in the police.  In 2011 they are characterised by total nihilism.

In contrast we have seen the Turkish community in Stoke Newington on the streets in defiance of the rioters.  We’ve seen Blackblock anarchists calling for communities to organise in their own defence and organise a clean up.

Many, many liberal leftist commentators have been consumed by fury too.  There comes a point where even the most well meaning people become sick of trying to understand the behaviour of those responsible for the violence and simply want it to stop and the perpetrators punished.

But however much these riots have provoked fear, I think I fear the backlash more.


One Response to “Dark Dark Days as London’s Lit Up”

  1. “This is about a culture that has no respect, not just for authority, but for the innocent, for fellow citizens.”

    Bang on.

    I hope that from this something good comes: the decent people of London come together, organize and make it very clear to these truly anti-social gangsta twats that their behaviour will not be tolerated.

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